WP Content Filter 1.1 – WordPress Plugin update

Update: WP Content Filter 1.1 is now live! Get it now from our WordPress Plugin page.

Well, it seems like only yesterday we released our first WordPress Plugin (in-fact was literally only a few days ago!), but what with all the positive feedback we have received we thought it was about time it had its first update!

This will also be a good opportunity to test the automatic Plugin update feature of WordPress 2.7, and is picking up the new Plugin version once we upload it to the Plugin repository. It’s now finished and just being tested properly before the final release, new features include:

  • New option to remove all Plugin database settings when Plugin is deactivated. This is useful if you wish to delete the Plugin; in this case the option will clean up the database automatically. Note: If this option is selected, and the Plugin deactivated/activated then the Plugin options will revert to their defaults (i.e. same effect as installing the Plugin for the first time). So if you wish to retain your settings between upgrades leave this option at its default setting (off).
  • Existing admin controls swapped around a bit.
  • Can now select the wild card character used in blanking out keywords (previous option was fixed – and used an asterisk only).
  • Choice of letters to retain in filtered keywords, options include:
    • Retain first letter (default).
    • Retain first and last letter only.
    • Blank out all characters.
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  3. MCSE Angie says:

    The usability and sheer number of plugins to fit any type of blog is probably the number one reason why I love WordPress more than any other blogger platform out there.

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