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Our most recent work has focussed us into working more with Microsoft’s Silverlight, which if you haven’t already come across it is in a very roundabout way Microsoft’s version of Adobe Flash. However, very quickly after beginning development with Silverlight it is clear that the two are very different with Silverlight arguably being more suited to Line of Business (LOB) applications than Flash due to its rich .NET programming framework.

Whilst we are committed to developing applications in other languages including those included with the .NET framework we are concentrating on Silverlight primarily for a while. As well as examples and products on this site we have launched a specialised site:, which showcases Silverlight applications developed for demonstrating purely mathematics and physics concepts. A screenshot of the site is show above, and you can click on the image to go directly to the sight if you wish to take a look.

Where from here?

We are exploring a few different avenues of interest as far as Silverlight development is concerned. To start off we are interested in developing small to medium applications until we get our feet well and truly wet! This includes creating Silverlight widgets, lite applications, research into new type of Silverlight UI and delivery mechanisms (i.e. how they are presented and interact with HTML elements and other Silverlight applications).

Also, we are interested in creating educational tools, and utilities in Silverlight which was the inspiration behind our Math Coders site mentioned above; and in the near future we will be hoping to demonstrate some more complex and compelling Silverlight experiences. As we produce content we will be showcasing it on this site and on On there is a ‘demo’ area and a ‘Labs’ area.

Silverlight Demo Samples

Colour Picker

Using sliders pick colours from red, blue, and green combinations.

2D Vector Field Plot

Using sliders pick colours from red, blue, and green combinations.

Pixel Shader Effect Rendering

Pixel Shader image flip, and inverse colour effect for Silverlight 3.

Iterative Pixel Shader Effects

How to force pixel shader effects to be applied to a source image more than once!

The demo area is for applications that have been developed into more rounded (mostly) working applications, whereas the Labs area will feature concepts we are experimenting with and have not matured enough to be considered fully working applications.


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