Setting up your website – things to consider!

There are lots of things to consider when setting up a new website. So we’ve outlined just a few that we think are key and which you really need to keep in mind when setting up a new site. So whether you’re setting the site up on your own, or using a web designer, just make sure you’ve got these covered!

Objectives and Target Audience

Your objectives and audience will dictate the look and feel of your website. So think carefully about what kind of web presence you want. Take into account all your current needs and requirements, and factor in any future expansion you’ve got planned. Give careful consideration to the purpose of your site. What are you trying to achieve, what are your main aims and objectives? Maybe you’re selling a product, or service, or using your site to market an off-line business. Your objectives and your target audience are going to drive the look and feel of your site, so make sure you know what they are before you start building your site. That way you can make sure your website achieves them all!

Website Design

Give careful thought to the design and structure of your website. Do you need a content management system (CMS)? Even a small website can benefit from a good CMS allowing you to easily develop and expand your website – it can be difficult to update static sites, and a good CMS can save you money in the long term.

Website Structure

Make sure your site appeals to your target audience and is accessible, easy to navigate, and quick to load. And make sure you build in room for future expansion and growth too! So think carefully about web hosting and make sure you’re with a web host that you can expand and grow with. If you’re website grows rapidly, you’ll need extra bandwidth to accommodate. So make sure your web host can cater for this and isn’t prohibitively expensive if you need to expand quickly.


You’re going to need to market your site online, so make sure you take this into account right from the very beginning. It’s much easier to market a sight that has been designed and developed for SEO and is content rich with good keywords. SEO takes time anyway, so make sure you get a head start right from the beginning! And if you think SEO isn’t important, then think again!

If you want lots of traffic to your site, then SEO is the way to do it! It’s crucial to think about the kind of traffic you want to attract to your site and what will they be expecting to see once they get there. You can use SEO or SEM (a combination of SEO and PPC) to market your site online. But first make sure your website is relevant and accessible, otherwise any traffic to your site will quickly click away.


When you’re considering your target audience, be sure to keep in mind that not everyone will have the same internet and pc capabilities. It’s all very well having a website with heavy flash and graphic design, but unless your audience has a fast broadband connection, and an up to date PC and graphics card, they may not be able to view your lovely graphics anyway!

Of course there are lots of other things to consider when setting up a new website, but at least if you’ve covered as much of the above as you can, you’ve got off to a head start! We’ll be posting more tips on website design and application shortly, so make sure you keep an eye out! :)

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