Silverlight 3


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Some information here on our Silverlight demos which are complete enough to be showcased. Each demo application lists the version of Silverlight it was developed with. There are also some videos on YouTube showcasing some of the applications below in action.

  • Iterative Pixel Shader Effects

    Added: 16th February 2010
    How to force pixel shader effects to be applied to a source image more than once!

  • Pixel Shader Effect Rendering

    Added: 15th February 2010
    Pixel Shader effect for Silverlight 3, showing shader effects do not permanently alter the source image.

  • 2D Vector Field

    Added: 7th February 2010
    Large browser window size vector field plot of the vector function F(x,y) = yi + xj.

  • Colour Picker

    Added: 3rd February 2010
    Select colours via four slider bars (R,G,B,A) for values between 0-255. Colour output is shown in an area above the sliders.


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