Flash Applications

Please select from the following Flash samples to learn more about our development work on Flash and ActionScript. Either click the sample quick links in the box below, or browse the Flash samples further down; these show a thumbnail screen shot and brief description of each sample.

ActionScript: 2.0
Dynamic bar chart that displays the value for each ‘bar’ as an animation ranging from the maximum value down to a fixed minimum value and back again using. The loop is sinusoidal and so gives a smooth transition between maximum and minimum values.

ActionScript: 2.0
Graph of a Sine wave with parameters commonly used in Physics. User can control amplitude (A), phase (phi), and the angular frequency (k) via slider bars. There are also some basic graph options that can be set.

ActionScript: 2.0
Simple paint program developed in Adobe Flash. This example allows the user to create a picture by using the mouse. Different drawing colours are available, and the line thickness and opacity can be controlled. The user can also clear the picture and start again!

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