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Ok, we have another WordPress Plugin for you! Version 1.0 of our ‘Quick Code’ Plugin has been released on the WordPress Plugin directory this morning. This Plugin allows you to edit HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL in the admin area of your blog, and see the results displayed directly on the same page! This is very useful for testing code fragments.


There have been many times recently that I have needed to test out a quick snippet of code, but had nowhere to easily place it to see the output. What I have had to do up until now is create a ‘test’ Plugin and insert echo commands to view output. Of course, as anyone who has developed Plugins knows, the results of sending data output with the echo command can be unpredictable depending on where you enter the command in your Plugin code. Now all you have to do is to simply enter the code in the ‘Quick Code’ edit box and see the results displayed immediately!

There is another useful feature, which is the usage of three external code files that are automatically included by the Quick Code Plugin when the Plugin admin page renders. These are:

  • JavaScript file that is included in the admin head, and can be used to store JavaScript functions for reference from the main code edit box.
  • Style sheet CSS file, included in the admin head, that can be used to store commonly used blocks of CSS code.
  • PHP functions file, included directly before the main code output box, so that commonly used PHP functions can be stored and called from the main file.

See our Quick Code page for more information, or go to our Quick Code Plugin page on the WordPress.org Plugin directory.

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