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Protect your site today! Filter out profanity, swearing, abusive comments, and any other keywords from your WordPress sites

Price: FREE
Plugin Version: 1.2
Tested on WordPress: 2.7.1
WordPress compatible: 2.6 (and above)
Last Updated: 9th March, 2009

We are pleased to announce our new WordPress Plugin to filter out any profanity and any other keywords specified on the Plugin options page.

This Plugin is now available from the main WordPress Plugin Directory, where the Plugin zip file and other information is available. To download the Plugin directly please click on the link below, and start using the WP Content Filter Plugin on your site today! Installations instructions are given further down the page.

Download the ‘WP Content Filter’ v1.2 Plugin
(compatible with the latest version of WordPress)

Plugin Features and Options

  • Can select which sections of your WordPress site to filter for specified keywords.
  • Enter keywords to search for, each separated by a comma (each word has to be 3 characters or longer).
  • Keywords found in site content are replaced by wild card characters (default is ‘*’, other wild card characters can be set).
  • Choice of filter output, choices are: first character retained, all characters ‘wild carded’, or first AND last letter retained. For example, the keyword ******* would be replaced with either j******, *******, or j*****r.
  • Keywords can also be filtered using case insensitive, or case sensitive option.

Instructions for installing WP Content Filter

  1. Download and extract the Plugin zip file.
  2. Upload the folder containing the Plugin files to your WordPress Plugins folder (usually ../wp-content/plugins/ folder).
  3. Activate the Plugin via the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  4. Once activated you go to the Plugin options by clicking the ‘WP Content Filter’ link unde the ‘Settings’ menu.
  5. Save your settings and that’s it! This will have an immediate effect on your sites content, filtering out unwanted keywords.

Click for installation instructions and demo of Plugin

How to Use

The Plugin is quite simple to use but here are the basic ways to use it on your site.

  1. Choose from the various content filters to select which sections of your sites content should be filtered for profanity keywords, these include: Blog post content, Post title (including recent posts sidebar widget), Post comments (including recent comments sidebar widget), Post tags, and Tag Cloud.
  2. Enter all the keywords in the text box that you wish to filter out of your sites content. When each keyword is found on your site it is replaced with wild card characters.
  3. Various wild card characters can be chosen in the Plugin options. Also, the filtered keywords can be formatted to retain: first character, no characters (all wild card), or first and last character.
  4. There is also a facility to choose the search case type too. The default is set at ‘Case Insensitive’ and it is recommended to keep this setting as it will capture the most instances of the keyword you wish to filter. For example, with the default setting of ‘Case Insensitive’ the keyword ‘*******’ entered in the Plugins admin panel will look for words such as: ‘*******’, ‘*******’, ‘*******’, ‘*******’, ‘*******’ and so on.
  5. Once all the options have been set, simply view your site and look out for the keywords you entered in the Plugin options, which are now replaced with the new inoffensive version!

In the meantime, any questions just ask! Contact us by e-mail using our contact form, or you can leave comments about this WordPress Plugin on our dedicated post reserved for this purpose.

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