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Need to see who is accessing what in your admin section? This Plugin logs admin activity, and shows the page, user information, and time of access.


Price: FREE
Plugin Version: 1.0
Tested on WordPress: 2.7.1
WordPress compatible: 2.6 (and above)
Last Updated: 18th March, 2009

Displays a list of all the admin pages accessed in the Blog admin area. This is updated every time a page in the admin area is accessed. Information displayed includes: admin page accessed, user, and time of access.

This Plugin is now available from the main WordPress Plugin Directory, where the Plugin zip file and other information is available. To download the Plugin directly please click on the link below.

Download the ‘Admin Log’ v1.0 Plugin
(compatible with the latest version of WordPress)

If there is more than one person maintaining your Blog then it is very useful to be able to see who exactly is accessing the admin pages, what they are doing, and when! The log is save as a text file called ‘admin_log.txt’, in the Plugin directory. This makes it easy to export for use outside of your WordPress Blog if required.

If you have any questions just ask! Contact us by e-mail using our contact form, or you can leave comments about this WordPress Plugin on our dedicated post reserved for this purpose.

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