Quadratic Solver

Quadratic Solver graphs the quadratic equation polynomial, and solves it for all known roots depending on the coefficients entered by the user. The solutions are calculated and displayed regardless of whether they are real, or complex; the program can handle both type of numbers!

A lot of programs, and scripts just display an error message if the solution is complex (i.e. if the graph line is above the x-axis), but Quadratic Solver displays the full numerical solution in complex form (e.g. x1 = 1+3i, x2 = 1-3i).

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If you want to see the program in action, you can view the installation and usage in HD, on our YouTube video page.


There are flexible options to zoom and pan the graph as you require. To zoom in on any area of the graph window click and drag with the left mouse button, or click on the graph window and use the mouse wheel to zoom in/out. You can also pan around the graph window by holding the CTRL key down, and clicking and dragging anywhere on the graph. Zooming and Panning operations can be combined as well, so you can pan around after you have zoomed in on a region.

The zoom/pan can be reset to the default by right clicking anywhere on the graph window. This displays a pop-up context sensitive menu. The bottom most menu option allows you to reset the graph zoom/pan. Other menu options enable you to save the graph, print it out, and also show individual data point values (when you hover the mouse over a point on the graph).

Below is a summary of each tab and the associated functions currently available in version Quadratic Solver 1.0.


Enter the values for the quadratic equation coefficients. After editing a coefficient value, simply press enter, or click the ‘Update’ button and the graph window will update, as well as the quadtratic equation displayed in the Main Tab area. Also, the quadratic solutions will be automatically recalculated. If the solutions are of complex type then they will be displayed in full complex form, and a message will be displayed next to the solutions output window alerting the user as to the type.

Axes Options

Change the chart title, and axes labels.

Calculations Options

Set the x-axis range the quadratic graph will be calculated, and displayed over; the default x-range is from -5, to +5. In this tab you can also change the number of points that are plotted. By default this is 30, but can be changed as required. The minimum number of points allowed is 3. Any value lower than this makes the program default to 3, and a warning message is displayed


Here, you can find general program instructions and information about the program version, author, and release date.

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