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Excel Volume Calculator

The ‘Excel Volume Calculator’ is now available to buy as a direct download! Microsoft Excel is a very versatile tool and can be used for many different purposes. The example we have here is a volume calculator for some simple … Continue reading

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Simple Flash Paint Program

This is a simple Flash based paint program that shows how fully functional applications can be put together quickly and deployed to the web for easy access – this example is coded using ActionScript 2.0. This is the great thing … Continue reading

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Dynamic Bar Chart

This is a dynamic bar chart written in Flash. Ok, so this may not have an everyday instant usage but you have to admit it is eye catching! Unlike a standard bar chart which displays a series of bars with … Continue reading

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Calculating the Distance Between Two Pixels in 2D

In many graphics applications it is often necessary to know the distance between two points or pixels, such as collision detection in games. Here, we are just interested in calculating the distance between pixels in 2D. However, it is not … Continue reading

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