We love WordPress, simple as that! :)

We enjoy working with this fabulous open source Blog/CMS (Content Management System), and this is clearly reflected in our work for clients. This is also why we spend a significant amount of time actively developing WordPress solutions.

Why use WordPress as your CMS? Well, WordPress is rapidly evolving as much more than just a Blog. In fact you can use it to build sites without any visible sign of a Blog at all, hence the growing interest in WordPress as a CMS too! We recommend using WordPress as your CMS because it’s robust, reliable, easy to adapt and customise, and we have in-depth experience of customising it to suit our clients’ needs and requirements.

We are active in the WordPress development community. For instance, we develop Plugins for WordPress, these are available to download from our official WordPress Plugin directory page. We also are contributors to the official WordPress Codex (online documentation).

Our main goal at the moment is focussing on developing WordPress Plugins, and general customisation of WordPress installations. We also specialise in maintaining sites developed with WordPress, so just leave all the hassle of your sites evolution to us!

If you need advice on what Plugins and/or themes that would be a suitable starting point for your site then we will be happy to discuss this, and assist you in your WordPress driven site. During our extensive experience of using WordPress we have come across many themes and Plugins that can really lift a standard WordPress site way above what the default installation provides.

Also, we are planning to develop at least one comprehensive WordPress theme by the end of the year (or at least commence this project – by planning out the structure and main features), so check back to see what’s new when you have time!

To summarise, we offer the following specific WordPress services:

  • WordPress installation and set-up
  • Manage upgrades (include site and database backup)
  • Ongoing site maintenance
  • Customisations (code, and site copy)
  • WordPress Plugin development
  • WordPress Theme design
  • WordPress SEO/SEM
  • General Help and Support

So, whether you need our consulting services for one hour, or for a complete custom solution based on WordPress, contact us today for a quote or to discuss your needs further! We are friendly, professional, and work strictly to budget and schedules.

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