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Welcome to our WordPress development resource. Here, we will be focussing on Plugin development and the WordPress code base. In the near future we will also be looking at how to create themes for WordPress.

Whilst there is a wealth of fantastic information out there on WordPress development, sometimes finding exactly what you want (and quickly) can be difficult. Sometimes you just want the essential information to be available at your fingertips – along with a few examples of course.

Unless specified otherwise all information on these pages refer WordPress 2.8, or higher. Some of the code will most likely work in earlier versions, but we are only actively developing for WordPress 2.8 and above.

WordPress Plugins

This sections looks at some of the most commonly used hooks, and how they are implemented inside WordPress. There are many hooks to choose from, and there are quite a few new ones in WordPress 2.8 that have little or no documentation available. So, as we come across them and use them we will be documenting then here, as well as all the other more common hooks and variables of course that have been available in WordPress for quite a while.

Filter Hooks

Details of WordPress filter hooks will appear here.

Action Hooks

Details of WordPress action hooks will appear here.

WordPress Variables

Commonly Used Variables

There are numerous useful WordPress variables that you can use in your Plugin code, such as the $post variable which contains information about the current post (post ID, title, content etc.).

WordPress Functions

Commonly Used Functions

Details of some of the WordPress variables and their usage will appear here.


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